“Rogue Taxidermy”

{Amateur Hour #12 – Photo by Judy Sirota}

Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour, the Institute Library’s monthly series curated by Joshua Foer and Jack Hitt, explores the passions and pursuits of America’s most inspiring fanatics, obsessives, tinkerers, and collectors.

Our most recent Amateur Hour, Number 19: Jedi Knight featuring Alex Bird, was Friday, September 30th.

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Amateur Hour is made possible through the generous support of CT Humanities and Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR). VQR is now publishing a section on selected Amateur Hour installments in every issue: pick up a copy at Atticus Bookstore or read one online at!

Click on the posters below for more information on the event. Many of these posters, autographed by the speakers and presenters,  are available for purchase at the Institute Library. All Amateur Hour posters were designed by Design Monsters, New Haven CT.


Poster_1_Web Poster_3_VersionC Poster_2_Lockpicking_11"x17" Poster_5_BAD TV_11"x17"
Poster_Cryptozoology_11x17 Poster_7_11x17 Poster_8_UrbanForaging_Update Poster_9_Quackery_11x17
Poster_Ad_ORIGAMI_11x17 amateur_hour_11-poster-2inch amateur_hour_12-poster-400px amateur_hour_13-poster-400px
amateur_hour_14-poster-400px Poster_9_Quackery_Final amateur_hour_16-poster-716px amateur_hour_17-poster-716px