Our Books – Expanding & Diversified

{New acquisitions in learning and discovery, civic engagement, library science and history, and the book arts}

Since March 2011, the Institute Library has been expanding and diversifying its circulating collection with new acquisitions. While we continue to offer many new title in popular fiction, we have widened our focus to more literary selections and works relating to learning and discovery, civic engagement, library science and history, and the book arts. If you have any ideas or requests for new books, please email us or stop in and speak with our staff or volunteers.


Institute Library Collection Policy
The goal of the Institute Library is to build an excellent circulating library of fiction, focusing on literary, mystery and suspense fiction; of non-fiction, focusing on subjects of interest to the membership and non-fiction which contributes to knowledge of fiction writing and/or the creative narrative experience; and of reference materials, focusing on librarianship, New Haven and Connecticut. Extremely specialized scholarly and critical works not written for the general reader are not collected. To read our full Collection Policy, click here.

Institute Library Gift Policy
Gifts are treated as new acquisitions and thus are evaluated by the same standards applied to new purchases to safeguard quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the Institute Library (“Library”). Special libraries have specific needs that frequently exclude items people wish to donate, such as standard editions of classic works, which usually duplicate holdings; textbooks, which become outdated; books printed on paper too brittle to make them usable; and materials in formats not collected by the Library (such as audio-books). We do however, welcome records for our Listening Room. To read our full Gift Policy, click here.